Investor, Consultant, Entrepreneur Creative | art, technology, innovation, and WEB3.0

Since 2008, he has been guiding startups and digital business projects.

From 2016 onwards I start working on web3 projects. Initially with websites, and structures for projects in the field of marketing automation and digital intelligence.

Since 2020, he works exclusively with digital art. At the same time, the NFT market emerged, creating the opportunity to study the market and begin to analyze and participate as an Advisor in NFT projects.

The first investments in NFTs were in games like Axies Infinity, MIR4, The Sandbox and Upland.

As of January 2022, he has been invited to participate in projects as an Advisor. I will calmly introduce each one of them from Monday 30th of May.

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Blackwolf Project

Initially, the project emerged as a profile to disseminate economic information on the crypto world, especially on NFT projects. Today, the project has advisory services, market analysis, strategic digital marketing for NFT projects and complete NFT project management. A network of partners and investors complete the Blackwolf team.

The Blackwolf Project has an exclusive Games area where it invests resources in Play do Earn games and sponsorships from traditional Games teams.

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Twitter & Instagram – @blackwolf_NFT